About REST Contracting Ltd.

With our headquarters in Mississauga, REST Contracting Ltd. provides superior service to its associates and clientele in the greater Toronto area. Our company's facilities provide an excellent environment to plan and execute decisions affecting the company's clients.

Over the years REST Contracting Ltd. has proven themselves over and over again in a broad range of commercial, industrial and residential projects. We at REST Contracting Ltd. have committed ourselves to provide a variety of services to our clientele. These services range from construction management, operation and maintenance to emergency responses such as fire and water disasters. Under interior/exterior renovation and maintenance services, REST Contracting Ltd. performs routine restorations, repairs and renovations for its clients in low-rise and high-rise residential apartment buildings.

Regulatory compliance with city bylaws, while working together with designers, architects and our clients assures that all details are coordinated and restoration/renovation projects are carried out with the least possible setbacks. Overall it has made us even more committed to quality and delivering exemplary finished products on time.